a division of Ringdahl EMS

All Risk Medical Management

Basic & Advanced Medical Care Contractor

Hurricanes,  Alaska north slope remote medical assignments, North Dakota flood response, Minnesota Strike team deployments, international education assignments, state-regional-national disaster contracts.

Para-Corp... one call all risk medical management.

All Risk Medical Management - Providing disaster contracting services, fire service medical teams, remote medical services and international educators.

Our staff consists of highly trained and experienced Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), Paramedics, Physician Assistant (PA), Registered Nurse, and Type II Wildland Firefighters, certified in multiple states including Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming, Alaska, Georgia, and have years of remote medical and disaster service experience.

Our federal ambulance contracts consist of strike team organized ambulances and staff based in Georgia, Minnesota, North Dakota and Colorado. The teams are available and deployed in just hours of  an activation or call up. Each strike team consists of five (5) Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances and 11 staff including certified strike team leaders.

Our fire support services consist of 3 teams made up of Type II wildland firefighters, medical unit leaders, camp assistants, and fire line EMT's, Paramedics, PA’s, and RN’s. Resources available to our staff on major incidents include an arsenal of equipment including command and communications vans, medical unit trailers, field tents and power supply, fire line SUV's, Polaris side-by-sides with medical supplies and EVAC equipment.

Our PARA-CORP ambulances and vehicles are four-wheel drive units specially built for the hazards and terrain common to remote fire incidents and distant encampments.